“Plasma” Decorative Leather Benches

We always love all these design competitions because they present to us the picture of the evolving world. Plasma here for instance is a great innovation that even won a Design Award back in the year 2008. The name would have better suited an LED TV; nonetheless, we like what we get to see here. These decorative benches are available in three different sizes (in length) and the best part is that these benches can be altered in shape. It is for you to decide where the deepest portion of the bench will appear.

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Benches are not a common furniture piece in apartments or homes. But when you think about it, they could be a very good solution. The only problem that remains is the space. Here is a collection of benches, three benches actually. They come in 3 different colors: white, red and black. They all have different shapes and sizes.

Plasma Decorative Leather Benches 2

In a modern living room, this collection could look very good.  The pieces are simple and have an abstract shape but they are very beautiful, from my point of view. I would like to have these benches in my living room. They would solve a lot of problems, for example when guests come over and there are not enough seats. So it’s easier to have some benches. They are comfortable, beautiful and they can be easily stored away when not needed.