10 Best Plants For Your Autumn Garden

As temperatures cool and apples ripen, our gardens can start to look a bit shabby. The wilted flowers don’t really help the look of your beds at all. But even though the vibrant pinks and yellow hues may have left for the season, that doesn’t doom you to brown! There are still plenty of options to make your own little outdoors space a perfect autumn haven. Check out these ten plants to take your beds from gory to glory!

1. Anise Hyssop

anise hyssop

These purple beauties will bring color to your garden from mid summer through September. Not to mention they are major butterfly magnets! Simply perfect for a magical garden experience.

2. Helenium


Helenium is perfect for those brown thumbs out there. Tough plants, the golden red blooms come from the daisy family and will keep those beds shining until the end of the season.

3. Burning Bush

burning bush

While these bushes may look plain and ordinary over the spring and summer months, hit autumn and they’ll be the wow factor in your yard. Their fiery red leaves will burn their way into your heart.

4. Fall Crocus


Crocuses are known for being the first to poke their heads through the snow, but did you know that they can be one of the last to bloom as well? Use those little flowers to pop some color into the landscape.

5. Goldenrod


Easily mistaken for Ragweed, Goldenrod is actually a non-alergic flower that can add some sunshine to your garden. And increase your butterfly spotting!

6. ‘Autumn Joy’ Sedum


Yes, you too can have those gorgeous pink blooms in your garden. If you take care of them, they’ll take care of you and they’ll steal the show from August to November.

7. Fothergilla


With honey-scented flowers in spring and blue-green leaves in summer that turn golden in the fall, these shrubs are a win win for any shade garden.

8. Mums


Mums are such a popular choice for fall because they give you such a variety of color. Whether its red, purple or yellow, those pretty button blooms promise to beautify any porch or flower bed.

9. Russian Sage

russian sage

These gorgeous silvery flowers look so delicate when they’re actually tough as nails. But we won’t tell if you won’t.

10. Pink Muhly

pink muhly

No, this picture is not photoshopped. That grass really is cotton-candy pink and it really does grow during the autumn months. More pink never hurt anyone, right?