15 DIY Planters For Your Front Porch

While it may seem small and insignificant, styling your front porch can greatly increase the value of your home. Pillows are great and chairs are a necessity, but an outdoor space isn’t complete without a pot or two of plants or flowers. A little green brings life to your porch space and really sends off those friendly vibes, but planters can be expensive. Check out these 15 DIY planters that are simple and would say a lot about your front porch.

concrete planterView in gallery

Who knew that concrete pavers would have more than one purpose? Glue them together to make simple chic planters that are perfect for large plants or groups of flowers. (via Curbly)

midcentury plantersView in gallery

Some porches require that plants have a little lift to be seen. These midcentury styled plant stands are just the thing to get your planters off the ground and the leaves waving to all your passing neighbors. (via Sugar and Cloth)

painted plantersView in gallery

Need a frugal planter solution? Use spray paint to update the planters you already have. Pair some bright colors with metallic shapes and lines for a whole new porch makeover. (via The Sweet Escape)

living wall planterView in gallery

If you live in an apartment or have a small to nonexistent porch, large planters may not be an option at all. Creating a living wall planter gives you the greenery you’ve been wanting without taking up the space you don’t have. (via A Piece of Rainbow)

cinderblock planterView in gallery

Painted and stacked cinderblocks are an affordable planter option. As pictured above, they’re perfect for planting herbs. Can’t you just imagine a lovely little herb garden on your front porch? (via Modernly Wed)

IKEA plantersView in gallery

Believe it or not, those gorgeous planters are two pots glued together. The owners of this porch bought their pots from IKEA and then glued the bottoms together to create some beautiful midcentury-looking planters for their porch. (via Brady Bunch Remodel)

message planterView in gallery

Send your neighbors and your guests a message by painting something on your front porch planter. The back of this one says “Adios.” (via Tried and True)

hanging planterView in gallery

Apartment dwellers listen up! Here’s a pretty hanging planter that will only cost you a few dollars to make and will bring a bit of lively green to your deck or balcony. And it’s just a bowl on an embroidery hoop. (via Northstory)

stackedView in gallery

If you have an imposing front entrance, you need some planters with height to make up the difference. Stacking a few bright pots will bring a cheery feel to a grand front door. (via All Parenting)

tin can planterView in gallery

Start saving those cans because you’re going to want to make these. Just spray paint them whatever color matches your theme and then you can line your steps with them or hang them up or decorate your front porch bench. Think of all the possibilities. (via Grow Creative)

modern plantersView in gallery

You’re probably thinking “Those are a DIY?!” Yes, those classy planters are a DIY. And a rather simple one at that. You’ll need some basic woodworking skills but then you can pot away. (via Remodelaholic)

Lampshade planterView in gallery

Cover your existing planters in rocks for a new look that says rustic and chic at the same time. All you need to do is make a trip to the craft store. (via Centsational Girl)

kitchenware plantersView in gallery

Vintage kitchenware is easy to find in your local thrift store or vintage shop. So stock up on old colanders and kitchen bowls because they make wonderful country-style planters for your front porch. (via Farm Fresh Therapy)

pallet planterView in gallery

A pallet can be used a thousand ways, but this is definitely one of the best of them. Similar to a living wall, a pallet planter is lovely for displaying varieties of succulents. They’ll enjoy the outdoor light better anyway. (via Dream a Little Bigger)

lampshade planterView in gallery

Time for a repurpose project. That unique planter is an old pendant lampshade that you probably would have passed right over at the thrift store. But a little paint and some flowers turn it into a planter like no other. (via Old Home Owner)