Planter Benches – The Duo That Brings Freshness Into Your Home

Plants and benches make a great duo. When you think about, we often use these two together so why not take advantage of this harmonious marriage and explore all the stylish design possibilities? We found for you ten such beautiful examples. These plant benches bring freshness and color into our homes and are just as lovely when used outdoors.

DIY pallet plant bench

Let’s start with something extremely simple. For this particular project you don’t need any skills and knowledge about anything. That’s how simple it is to put together a bench similar to the one on Monterscircus. Moreover, the project is really cheap so you won’t break the bank either. All you need is a wooden pallet, a brush, some primer, a saw, sandpaper and also some paint if you insist on customizing the look. Two small trees in sturdy containers are to be used as support structures for the bench.

Boxcar bench plant

But not everyone has the time or inclination for DIY projects so perhaps it would be better to have a look at some designer products instead. The Boxcar Bench seems like a great starting point. It’s a project of Revolution Design House and its design is inspired by one of their previous products, the Boxcar Planter. It’s an indoor-outdoor bench with blue powder coated steel ends and walnut sides and seats. There’s no visible hardware so the bench looks very clean and minimalistic. Also, it hides a surprise: plant pots within the body of the bench allows it to double as a planter.

Seven Questions with Jory Brigham

Another beautiful product is the planter bench designed by Jory Brigham. As you can easily guess, it’s a bench with a built-in planter. Its design is simple and modern and the lovely thing is that there’s also a small side table at the end opposite to the planter. Can you imagine yourself sitting on this bench/ lounge chair and enjoying life?

Simple and elegant planter bench

Simple and elegant, the Romeo & Juliet bench is the creation of Vyvey & Partners for manufacturer Extremis. The bench is supported by two large and solid planters able to comfortable be home to two small trees. The seat is made of wood slats and fits snugly around the planters. The spate at the center is perfect for two persons, hence the romantic name of the bench.

Noriega street parklet bench

Created by Matarozzi Pelsinger Design + Build, this bench has been optimized for public spaces and large outdoor areas. The 45 degree parallelogram is organized into two separate seating areas. One is larger and the other is smaller and they’re separated by built-in planters. This unusual design allows the bench to be used simultaneously by two different types of people. For example, adults and kids can relax together, each having their own space.

Air plant bench

A somewhat similar concept was employed when creating the Air bench. This stylish furniture piece was deigned by Alessandro di Prisco for Urbo. As you can see, the bench offers multiple seating zones, one of which ends with a geometric planter. Air is a modular outdoor bench which can be organized in multiple configurations, depending on the space, layout and needs of the users. The seats are covered in wood and the sides and made of solid metal which can be personalized with various colors.

San Francisco street parking

The Sunset Parklet is a public seating area designed by Interstice Architects in San Francisco. It’s defined by a sculptural bench structure of large proportions. It’s actually more than just a bench. It’s an entire habitat with various types of seating and built-in planters. The whole structure covers a 50 foot long site divided into four parallel strips of equal dimensions.

Garden bench with integrated plant

Some planter benches are very versatile and can be used both indoors and outdoors. A good example is this modular unit designed by Fabien Joly. The bench has an integrated planter and is made of modular fiber cement. It’s a way to bring some greenery and freshness inside the house and one could use such an accent piece for the entryway or a hallway, perhaps even an indoor courtyard or a terrace.

Contemporary banquette with planter

A design that’s even better adapted for indoor use is that of the Banquette Volcane. It’s a minimalist piece of furniture with a clean and simple frame and a three-part structure. It includes a plain oak section with two PVC shelves and a removable planter. It’s versatile enough to good beautiful in a variety of spaces, including entryways, hallways, home offices or even living and dining rooms.