Planning a Room Around a Non-Neutral Sofa

As the largest piece of furniture in a living space (well, typically), the sofa tends to hover around the realm of neutral color or blend-into-the-background wallflower. It’s not a bad idea, of course – by its sheer size alone, the sofa will naturally draw attention to itself and has the potential to overpower all other furnishings in the space. However, sometimes an eye-catching, non-neutral sofa is like a breath of fresh air. It seems to proclaim, “Here I am! Look at me! Aren’t I beautiful? Isn’t this space lovely because of me?” And if that anthropomorphism doesn’t impress you, well then, perhaps these photos will:


This red tufted sofa is an eye-catcher, for sure. Small touches of the red color play into the subtle neutral rug, while that oversized ottoman (or is it a coffee table? Or dog bed? Who cares?! It’s fantastic) takes a step into a cooler color palette, which helps to balance the rich red. And the chair’s beautiful French curvy lines hold their own on the balance fulcrum with detail. Each piece stands out in its own way, but all work together to create a luxurious space.

And this contemporary sofa draws our gaze immediately. The room itself is not wholly neutral, with the colorful wall hangings and red padded tulip chair. But primary furnishings are kept visually lightweight and wooden to balance out the large chunkiness of yellow. I especially like how this room is done in primary colors but is anything but juvenile – lots of white space and beautiful leggy furniture helps with this.


Don’t you just want to sink into this luxe velvet sofa? A bold chartreuse, the sofa looks perfectly worn-in and almost antique, what with its detailed lines and curved feet. Yet it holds its own amid other modern accents, such as that vapor accent table and modern geometric art. Colorful throw pillows in different sheens add to the sophisticated look. This non-neutral sofa is completely different from, but still complementary to, the rest of the space, and the end result is fabulous.

And while we’re discussing non-neutral sofas, let’s not overlook a bold printed one (as if we could!). And how about we look at not just one of these eye-catchers, but two. Incorporating two of these sofas actually is a balancing act in its own right – balance is achieved with a version of itself. The color palette is kept tight in this space, which is critical with such a large, bold print. The deconstructed chandelier adds interesting lines that work with the lattice of the sofa print, and I love the juxtaposition of its brown lines against the white ceiling, which is the opposite of the sofas’ prints.


If you can’t beat them, join them! A bold, bright sofa can handle a bold, bright room, as evidenced by this colorful eclectic space. Prints are used delightfully with seemingly reckless abandon, and color is welcomed in every tone and hue. And, may I just add, that fantastic abstract artwork almost outshines the bubble gum couch? Almost. But they are a beautiful pair.

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