Planet Coconut Aromatic Candle

It’s nice to come home and when you enter the door to be welcome by a particular scent that you associate only with your home. I know it sounds a bit Proustian, but I do associate every home with its scent. So every now and then I try to refresh the smell in my house by using different tricks like fresh flowers, aromatic plants and even a home refreshener. But if you want to combine good taste and a nice design with a nice smell, you can use the aromatic candles. They are beautiful and effective, too. And this particular Planet coconut aromatic candle is all the more special because it is made of a real coconut.

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This colourful candle is hand made and original, as it comes directly from Bali, from the local trade people there. The candle holder and its base are both made of coconut shell and the candle is made of melted wax mixed with aromatic salts and poured inside. They used palm wax when making the candle and added a wick that is made of pure cotton so as to ensure 25-30 hours of burning. You can have it in different colours for €10.85