Resort-Like House Supported By A Fresh And Playful Design

The Planchonella House is the home of Jesse Bennett and Anne-Marie Campagnolo, an architect and an interior designer who decided to build their own private retreat right there in the beautiful Queensland, Australia. The couple looked at this as a unique project meant to bring some tropical beauty and freshness into their lives.

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Inspired by the contours of the landscape, the house is a resort-like private retreat with a beautiful green courtyard and an architecture that embraces the surroundings. The plan wraps around the courtyard and takes advantage of all the natural light getting in through the glass facade.

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The courtyard plays an important role in defining the house as a whole. It’s a great source of natural light and it also helps with the natural ventilation. In addition, it also serves as a beautiful entertainment area and it offers wonderful views for the interior spaces.

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The overall design is raw and simplistic. The house is supported by minimalist columns and walls designed to offer unobstructed views as well as to minimize the boundaries between the interior and exterior areas.

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The playfulness of the house in general regarded in terms of architecture is complemented by the fresh and tropical ambiance created indoors. The rooms are infused with light and views of the courtyard and the colors used throughout are light and chic.

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Most of the furniture was built with light metal frames as a way to maintain an airy and open feel throughout the spaces. The seating has a custom sectional that follows the curvature of the walls and is accessorized with globe pendant lamps.

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The kitchen and dining areas form an open space. The kitchen is surrounded by vegetation thanks to the glass walls and has a minimalist island that separates it from the dining area. A breakfast nook is positioned in the corner.

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The wall unit showcases the light metal frames that we mentioned and we see here that they’re combined with warm wood and together form an industrial-style design that suites the space in a really great way.

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But perhaps the most eye-catching room is this bedroom. It was decorated with tropical wallpaper and has an en-suite bathroom enveloped by nature. The freestanding tub matches the walls and their crisp and chic texture works well in combination with the wood accents.

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