Pizza scissors

If you ask people from all over the world what is their favorite food, more than half of them will say that it is pizza. Even if pizza has Italian origins it is now an international food because it is very tasty, easy to make and also easy to transport, so you can eat it both at home and in the street, too. I like pizza very much , so I was really excited when I found this interesting gadget for sale on the Internet (on the Amazon, to be more precise) for about $14, so not very expensive.


I know that you all use that traditional pizza cutter that looks like a little metal wheel with a handle, but this one also helps you take one slice of pizza at a time and leave the rest untouched. Any way, every person is free to like it or not, but I personally think it is an interesting innovation. So if you are a bit curious about the person who invented it, feel free to visit the web site belonging to Roger Brown.