Pixel Furniture Products

Maybe you know the pixel sofa, today I found the rest of pixel piece of art.The “Pixel” furniture products are incredibly colorful and beautiful and they were designed by the Spanish designer Cristian Zuzunaga for various furniture manufacturers. The source of inspiration for this furniture is quite obvious: the “pixel’, that little square dot in any computer image that is more visible if you increase a picture’s resolution. Any way, if in the computer field this pixel is not very well received if you ever see it on screen or if you can see a picture with obvious pixels because it is a sign of low quality image, in furniture design it is quite fashionable.

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So if you want a couch or armchair to go with your computer and create a virtual world in your living room, go for one of these items. This time the pixels are used as a chromatic tool, combining various shades and colors and creating a unique design each time.

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