PIT IN table for you and your bike

Bikes are very common all over the world. A lot of people prefer bikes because they are small, cheap, they don’t use gas, they are environmental friendly and they do their job by taking you wherever you need. However when it comes to parking them outside, there’s not an ideal way of doing it because you might not find it the next day. I actually know a few persons that are really considering buying a bike but they have some doubts because they don’t have the space to park it during the night. This problem can be easily solved using the PIT IN table.

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It’s a very unusual and also clever piece of furniture that allows you park your bike right inside your home. It doesn’t get safer than that, unless you’re considering sleeping with on your bike. This bike desk is actually quite convenient. It’s a wooden structure that keeps the bike steady while allowing you to se the desk to place you hone, laptop, coffee or anything else and use the bike as a seat while doing this. It keeps your bike safe inside and it’s not a total waste of space because you can still use it as a seat.

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It might not be very comfortable, but it’s enough. It’s not the ideal solution for small apartments but it definitely better than leaving your bike alone outside.The dimensions of this ingenious piece are 71cm L x 90cm D x 115cm H (28″ x 35″ x 45) which is ok for medium-sized homes. Now the only problem will be getting your bike inside because it’s not easy, especially if your building doesn’t have an elevator.