Pistillino Lamp

If you ever saw the interior part of a plant, the one inside the flower where the pollen grains fall when the busy bees come looking for food, then you can imagine what this Pistillino Lamp looks like. I am not sure if “pestle” is translated “pistillino” in Italian, but the lamp surely looks like one. It has a nice and shiny chrome light bulb in the centre and many other smaller chrome spheres around it that are used to reflect light all over the place. 0868

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Even if this beautiful lamp seems very cool and modern, it was actually created by Studio Tetrarch in 1969. Well, the material used is chrome plated plastic and this does give away the period when the lamp was designed, but this Italian icon of the 20th century is still a very nice and modern accessory for your living room or maybe for your desk if you ever think about turning it into a desk lamp. You can purchase it now for just $299.