Pinwheel Ceiling Fan by Quorum

It’s summer now and the weather is perfect for this time of year. But every now and then it’s too hot and you want to cool the air in your house somehow. I have small kids, so I prefer not to use air conditioning because I consider it dangerous for their health. That is why I use a ceiling fan, which is both effective and fun. It is fun and perfect for the kids room because it is all colourful and nice, just like this Pinwheel Ceiling Fan by Quorum.

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This ceiling fan is perfect for the kids room because it looks just like a pinwheel and kids love pinwheels. When you start it and it spins the visual resemblance is perfect. Each blade of the fan is coloured differently and the kaleidoscopic pattern of colors stimulates kids’ imagination. What is even more interesting about the fan is the colour choice. There are six blades and three of them are coloured in primary colours: red, yellow and blue. In between these primary colours the blades are coloured with the result of the mix of colours. For example green is between yellow and blue and so on. You can purchase the item manufactured by Quorum from Lumens for $238.