Pink living room

I don’t know who invented the rule that all girls should wear pink and all boys blue, but I do not agree. I think they all should wear whatever colours they like, regardless of sex. OK, I admit the only colour I wouldn’t recommend for a boy is pink, but I have no restrictions for the rest. However, lots of girls are simply crazy about pink and they wouldn’t wear any other colour except for pink.


So they become teenagers and they tell their parents they want their bedroom or even the living room painted and decorated only in pink. Even when they grow up and become grown ups they still have some reminiscences and design their living rooms pink. I don’t think this is necessarily a bad thing, as long as they have a limit and a balance and do not exaggerate.

Pink walls

I mean the first rule is to be reasonable and do not cover the whole living room only in pink. Too much pink can be sickening. If you combine it with white for example then the effect will be much more tasteful and you will have a fashionable well designed living room. But if you choose everything from the colour of the armchairs and curtains to the colour of the flowers and pillows and the furniture – the result will be more likely a disaster than a success in good taste.


This well designed and nice sofa is the perfect combination between pink and white and it even has some flowery pattern on in order to be less monotonous. Though it is not too full of patterns and models. Simple designs express good taste.

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And also keep it pale, especially when it comes to walls. The living room is not your bedroom where you can go crazy and paint the walls in any colour you want . Here you must allow all the people in the house feel fine and comfortable. So very light shades of pink are a good idea, especially combined with white curtains and maybe some light brown furniture and carpet.If you are a more daring person or a more passionate girl, show it by adding some simple details like two vividly pink cushions.