Pillow Talk Pillowcases

In nature wild animals use their scent to mark their territory. But people mark their territories, too, when they start a long time relationship or they get married. The most frequent establishment of the boundaries is the bed. So if the wife says she wants the right side, the husband will have to settle with the left side. But boundaries are often broken by people like me, who love rolling over the whole bed and watching a movie with my legs spread all over, while sitting in the middle of the bed. Well, in moments like these the naughty spouse should be reminded of the established boundaries and this can be easily done if you have these nice Pillow Talk Pillowcases.


They simply state the obvious: “My side” and “your side” . So when you see them you will know which is your side and that you should respect it. Any way, i think this is rather a funny and humorous message that was printed on these pillow cases in order to bring some fun and laughter into your bedroom and in order to be original. And the name of the item is funny, too, as it suggests a “pillow talk” between the pillows, too, instead of the people sleeping with their heads on them. The two items can be ordered for $50 and I am sure that you can come up with even more interesting lines if you set your mind to it.