A touch of green beauty from Dwell in the form of stylish designer furniture

I always find it difficult to appreciate the true beauty of an item from a magazine. It’s a much better experience to get to see it in person, touch it and identify all the great qualities. It’s exactly what you get to do when you visit the Design show in LA. And to offer you a taste of how beautiful the whole thing is, take a look at thee pictures from Dwell.

DwellbocaboloView in gallery

DwellbocadoloboView in gallery

The main attraction of the show in this case were the eco-friendly elements. The green influences range from wall flowers to garden and outdoor features. With so many great things on display, it’s hard to focus on specific elements. One of my favorite things is the collection of pebble-shaped seats. They really capture the organic beauty and natural elegance and transform those into functional pieces of furniture that would look great in any modern space.

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It’s nice how everything here looks so comfortable and alluring and how easy it is to picture all these pieces of furniture and accessories as part of your own home. A great opportunity to add a touch of green to the house and to change the ambiance.