Picture Table by Ivydesign

Living in small apartments nowadays is not a problem because there are a lot of furniture pieces that can make our life easier. This product from Verena is called “Picture Table”. The neat thing about Picture Table is how it can provide a table and even a place for guests to dine on, and then fold-up into a picture on a wall. The picture looks so beautiful, and I’m sure that you can find other wallpapers to change it with. There is also a mirror version as well, if a mirror is preferred over a picture. You can find it here Ivydesign.

Picture Table by Ivydesignall4

It’s a great way of saving some space. When you don’t use it as a table you just fold it and mount it on the wall. And when extra guests come for dinner, no problem! We’ll just use the picture. It only takes a minute. It’s original and very efficient and will make all your friends jealous, which is always good.