Picking An Illuminating Retro Dining Room Pendant Light

 Retro interiors are more popular today than ever and when it comes to cool lighting and fixtures, there are some gorgeous dining room pendants out there. Whether you enjoy the decor inspired from the Roaring Twenties with glamorous glimmer and sparkle or you enjoy the schoolhouse charm of the Fifties, there are iconic eras to love in dining room pendant lighting. Before you settle for everyday lighting from a hardware store, how about trying these inspiring fixtures for your retro dining room.

retro dining room lighting glamour2
Barely there retro lighting ideas

Choose an era that resonates with your style:

It seems like everyone can relate to an earlier generation and retro home design styling is all about bringing back the best years you enjoy for your home. Did you love the Seventies with the wow pops of color and psychedelic geometric patterns or did you prefer the bubbly home decor fashion of the Sixties? Lighting that reflects these same qualities is your aim. Large, bold pendant lights made from colored glass, acrylic, or plastic are showing up in all modern home decor magazines and the look is fabulous. Barrel or drum lampshades have returned from the 1970’s have you seen them?

retro dining room lighting artichoke pendant
Choosing retro lighting to match your dining room

Set the tone for the rest of your home:

Many homeowners forget that their dining room lighting can set the tone for their entire home. Set the tone by choosing what type of lighting you will need. Pendant lights come in single, multiple, shaded, artistic varieties and all can coordinate with the vintage theme of your choice. The 1920’s – 1940’s decor is hotter than ever. Try grouping these glass globes together to give a killer focal point to your dining area. Sunburst mirrors, lacquered furniture and playful textiles were iconic of this era. Bring fun fabrics to your retro lamp pendant lights and coordinate this look in adjacent rooms such as your living and dining rooms – especially in open space floor plans where you see the whole floor at once, retro pendant lights will bring focus from other rooms and make your guests feel welcome.

retro dining room lighting glamour
Hang pendant fixtures in clusters for a custom look
retro dining room multiple pendants
Choose pendant lighting that mimics your retro decor style

Take cues from your dining room furniture:

When choosing the perfect retro lighting look at your dining room furniture chairs and table for cues in pendant lighting. If you have chairs that are understated and modern, consider using a lamp that has simple lines with minimal ornamentation. While on the contrary, if you have big, bold chairs and an eye-catcher of a table then ensure your pendant lights make the same great appearance. Pendants that resemble chandeliers or have great detailing are perfect for dining rooms that command an audience.

retro dining room lampshades
Choose pendant lights that are showstoppers!

Bringing retro decor ideas from the past can create a beautifully themed home while still keeping modern punches of color and materials alive in your home. Choose a decorative style that you love from past years and mimic the qualities throughout your dining room and choice of pendant lighting. Consider adding lighting wall sconces to coordinate the look if your dining room is large and needs extra illumination. Whatever you decide let these helpful pendant light ideas help you pick the perfect retro idea for your dining room.

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