PIA – The Revolutionary Kitchen That Offers Luxury In A Small Package

The concept of a compact kitchen which can fit inside a cabinet is not new. There are several designs and examples which can illustrate that. However, none of them is an impressive as PIA, the kitchen designed by Dizzconcept, a team of professionals who greatly value innovation, functionality and quality, making these the guidelines for their projects.

Dizzconcept Pia Compact Kitchen

Their newest creation is called PIA. This is a pop-up kitchen that was presented at IMM, International Furniture Show in Cologne, Germany in January 2016. The kitchen stood out thanks to its innovative design and luxurious and minimalist appearance.

Dizzconcept Pia Compact Kitchen for small spaces
Grey Dizzconcept Pia Compact Kitchen

The versatility of the PIA kitchen makes it a suitable choice for a variety of spaces and situations. For instance, small apartments, single person’s homes, student apartments and holiday homes could all benefit from such a feature. The main advantage is the kitchen’s space efficiency.

Dizzconcept Pia Compact Kitchen - Imm Cologne 2016
Dizzconcept Pia Compact Kitchen - Front
Dizzconcept Pia Compact Kitchen - Shelves
Dizzconcept Pia Compact Kitchen - Open

Other settings where such a feature could be a wonderful choice include offices, tourist rentals and retirement homes. Even a small family home could take advantage of the kitchen’s space-efficiency in order to gain more room for other features and functions.

Small apartment Rendering Picture - Pia Kitchen
Small apartment featuring a compact kitchen

The PIA kitchen was designed as a compact cabinet which can be placed anywhere, whether it’s against one of the walls or in the middle of a room, in which case it would also serve as a space divider. The two-door cabinet features a niche where the TV can be integrated.

Home wellness-gym compact bar kitchen
home wellness-gym compact kitchen

The TV is attached using a wall-mount and its position can be adjusted in order to offer the ideal viewing angle. The two doors can be opened and at that moment they reveal a fully-functional kitchen equipped with all the necessary features.

Office interior design rendering photo with compact kitchen open
Office interior design rendering photo with compact kitchen

The kitchen offers an 182 cm long worktop with integrated faucet, sink and cooktop. Other useful details include a dishwasher, a built-in refrigerator and sufficient storage space in the form of cabinets with shelves and drawers. The upper part of the kitchen features an integrated hood, electricity sockets and LED lighting.

PIA Compact Kitchen for small Spaces
PIA Compact Kitchen for small Spaces Open
PIA Compact Kitchen for small Spaces Storage
PIA Compact Kitchen for small Spaces Event

The kitchen comes in several different configurations. The two main compact forms available measure 186 and respectively 141 cm in width. Several models were presented by the company, the Nova, Alta, Petit or the Bond kitchen all being eye-catching options.

PIA Compact Kitchen for small rooms
PIA Compact Kitchen for small Spaces Pink Backsplash
PIA Compact Kitchen for small Spaces - Open

But regardless of the structure chosen, all PIA kitchen configurations share in common an overall simple, elegant and luxurious design. They are also very easy to install. The kitchen is delivered in three packages which are assembled on the spot in less than an hour. Each piece was designed to fit in a standard-size elevator, this further simplifying the whole process.

Student small apartment configuration with kitchen
Student small apartment configuration

The two doors of the cabinet concealing an entire kitchen integrated a TV niche on one side and embedded shelves on the other, being able to offer plenty of storage for dishes, spices, bottles and all sorts of other things.

Urban Small Apartment Rendering Picture
Student small apartment configuration with kitchen


Urban Small Apartment Rendering Interior
Urban Small Apartment Rendering Kitchen Open

When closed, the kitchen becomes a chic living room cabinet. When opening the doors of the cabinet, the wow factor is surprising and the impact is strong and memorable. This is a kitchen which not only offers all the basic necessities but does it all with style and class.