Photo Frame Clock

I am always in big trouble when my grandma’s birthday comes near because I never know what gift to buy for her. She has everything she needs and being with her is the best present she wants. Any way, I realized a few years ago that she likes personalized gifts very much, something to remind her of family and stuff. So I found this Photo Frame Clock and I admit I am very pleased with my find. The clock is beautiful and nice, with a great design and aluminum frames, so pretty modern, too. It is actually a normal clock which has small frames for your photos instead of the traditional background or its own frame.

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The clock is very beautiful and it can stand for a family album, as it can hold twelve photos is the frames and you will be able to see what time it is while looking at the family photos. It is perfect for the living room and you won’t need any other decorations, as this clock is pretty big in size, being a square with 40 cm length and height. You can purchase it for £18.20.