Philippe Starck Designed Lounge Chairs from Dedon

Dedon is always looking to be a different brand and for that the company keeps hiring the services of creative names like Philippe Starck. This time around Dedon summoned Philippe for designing some whacky looking lounge chairs which Dedon calls the Play lounge chair. It is the kind of outdoor furniture that can effectively tickle your playful side adorning an uber cool egg like shape using molded polypropylene and fiberglass. Dedon never misses out on its signature style and even in this case, these chairs have been weaved.

Uber cool lounge chair philippe starck play dedon 1 thumb

I like tall chairs. They have an especially comfortable shape. There are also other egg-inspired chairs, also presented on this site, but there are not so many similarities between them, except for the shape. I like the patterns and the materials used to create this collection. The suspended one is the most interesting. It’s like having your own swing in your own home.

Another thing I really like are the colors. The grey and the orange seem to go very well together. And the white cushions balance the image. Considering that this is an outdoor furniture set, I find it even more appealing. I can even imagine how this collection would look like surrounded by grass and flowers and the people enjoying the sunny days, drinking cold drinks and chatting, perhaps near the pool.