Petrified Wood as Outdoor Stool or Table

Nature never ceases to amaze me because it offers examples of incredible imagination that no human could have ever done. For example nature decides to transform things into completely different things that are even more beautiful than in the beginning. I am talking here of Petrified Wood as Outdoor Stool or Table. Yes, there is wood that is now petrified because nature decide to “play” a little bit with it and bury tree trunks in the sand. The sand compounds and all the other circumstances like temperature and pressure managed to replace all the wood cells in the trunk and make them petrified. But the funny thing is that these trunks or trunk pieces still keep their original shape and look as logs. They are simply amazing.

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This petrified wood is really old (about 20 million years old) and you can now purchase it from the Internet and use it as a garden stool or maybe a nice little table for outdoors. It looks great and it’s very resistant. It is not very large, but large enough to hold a few glasses, a cup of coffee and a book or magazine (13″ diameter x 16″H) . Its surface is very smooth, as it is naturally polished and you do not risk hurting yourself in its margins. You can buy one such piece for $1,495 from Jayson Home.