Pete Magnetic Key Holder

I have talked about how unpleasant it is to keep your whole family waiting for you in front of the house just because you can’t find your keys. It’s frustrating and annoying and every time you swear you will find the perfect place where to put the keys and to know exactly where to find them, but you never do. Any way, some very practical people might have had the same problem and wanted to solve it, so they designed Pete – the magnetic key holder.

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This Pete guy is a little coloured plastic man that has some strong magnets inside. You can place it on the fridge or on any metal surface and it will be able to hold up to thirty keys at a time. It looks funny and it is useful at the same time and you can use it for storing some other metallic things like a pen or a screwdriver or a bottle opener. You don’t need to drill holes in your wall and you can easily move it any place you want to. And all for just £7.95. It is now available in red and blue and you can order it online.