Pet-Friendly Materials To Use In Your Home

When you have a pet, whether it’s a dog or a cat, you’ll always have problems with the hair they shed. It’s impossible to stop it so all you can do is try to find solutions for the problem. There are all sorts of tools and items that can help you easily clean the hair from your home but, before you worry about that, take a few moments to think about the materials you choose for your home’s interior design. Some materials can be more efficient when it comes from getting rid of unwanted pet hair and they can make your job easier. So why not prevent the problem or try to diminish its implications? So make sure you take into consideration the materials before you worry about the rest.

Cats on sofa

Stain-resistant fabrics.

If you don’t want your furniture and your entire home covered in pet hair, then you should forget about using materials such as velvet or silk. They can be real magnets for pet hair and they also get ruined quickly. Instead, opt for synthetic fabrics that are resistant to stains, smells, bacteria and that don’t mind muddy paws touching their surface.

Cats on sofa

Leather is also a great choice. It’s easy to clean, it’s durable and it doesn’t gather hair. It’s true that they can get scratched and then there’s not much you can do about it but you can train your dog or cat to keep their claws of your furniture.

Washable fabrics.

Cats on sofa

Even when you do all you cat to teach your pets that they’re not allowed to sleep in your bed or on your sofa, they’ll still do it because it’s cozy and comfortable. If they’re allowed to do it, then accidents are even more likely to happen. Try to always be prepared and use washable fabrics that can easily solve the problem.

Dirt-repellant spray-ons.

Cats on sofa

An alternative would be to use spray-on chemicals that will cover your furniture with a coat of dirt-repellant solution. It’s also a way of keeping fur and stains off the furniture. However, this is a temporary solution and it’s not always pet-friendly or environmentally-friendly. Be careful when you use them and try to look for green alternatives.

Flooring options.

Cats on sofa

For the flooring, wood is not always a great idea for those that have pets. It can get scratched easily and, even though the scratches can give it patina and character, they’re not exactly aesthetical. Ceramic tiles, however, are a great idea. They can be slippery so make sure you have plenty of non-slip rugs so that your pets don’t get hurt.

Try to stay away from wall-to-wall carpet.

Cats on sofa

Even though wall-to-wall carpet sound like a nice idea at first because it gives your home continuity and seems like a modern option, it’s not exactly the case for those that have pets in their home. Carpets absorb odors and trap pet hair. They also retain stains easily and are difficult to clean. It’s why it’s best to avoid them.

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