Personalized jute-wrapped vases

Whenever you have some leftover material or anything else think twice before you just throw them away. There are a lot of things that you can make with simple leftover pieces and that can really make a difference in the décor. For example, take a look at these jute-wrapped vases. They look so simple and yet they are very chic. They make great decorations for the living room, dining room, bedroom etc. This project is particularly great because you only need very simple or old items that you usually find in the house anyway. Just check your storage room and take anything that looks like a vase. They don’t even need to look nice. You’ll paint them anyway.

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You can use any old vase you find in your house. The shape or the size doesn’t matter nor does the age or look of the vase. You can use vases in a variety of colors or you can use spray paint to change their appearance. Start with a coat of spray primer. Then add two coats of white satin spray paint. Of course, you can always choose another color. White is neutral and goes with everything and in this case it’s also a sort of blank canvas for the jute decorations. Let the paint dry. Now the fun and long part begins. Start gluing jute around the vases. Use hot glue and be careful not to injure yourself. This part can be really boring and annoying. Just try to watch a movie while doing this to at least have the impression that time passes faster.

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You can wrap the entire vase in jute or you can play with the design and come up with new ideas. You can also use other fibers as well if you want something a little more colorful. The project is adaptable and inspiring. The vases make a beautiful abd unique decoration for the home. No two vases are alike and the design is totally customizable.{found on designdininganddiapers}.