Personalized Hooks With Initials on

I have always lived in a large family with lots of people around and lots of noise. The biggest problem every time was to find a place for everyone’s clothes so as to find them easily and also not to cover the whole house with wardrobes. Any way, we managed this somehow but then we moved to the hallway where there were not enough hooks for all the people in the house and the coats always got mixed up and somebody screamed. That is why I think we would have been thankful to have these Personalized Hooks With Initials on.

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These hooks are perfect for any hallway and you can easily recognize your own thanks to the initial on it. Of course you will have to purchase only those initials belonging to your family members and a few extra for the guests or else you would be forced to have a whole wall only for the hooks. These hooks have all the letters of the alphabet on them, so you can pick the right one easily. they are made of ceramic and brass and look very well. Their dimensions are 10.2cm H, 3.2cm W and they also have a 5cm projection. The hooks are imported and sell for about €14.00 each on Anthropologie.