Personality Chair Socks

Just when I thought I saw everything that could be invented in this world and I expected a period of drought when speaking about original ideas I read this article about two funny people who has the crazy idea of making chair socks. Yes, you read it just fine – it’s chair socks meaning socks for the chair legs. I know, I laughed my heart out first but then I kind of liked the idea. First of all you will have the most original chairs and I am sure none of your friends has ever met anything like this. So if you are a person with a sense of humour and so are your friends, these socks will actually be a reason for jokes and fun and spending some quality time together.

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Then if you are a bit realistic you will see that these socks can have some aesthetic features, too, as you can choose them to match the color of the furniture, carpet or even the color of the walls, thus giving a pleasant atmosphere to the whole room. I should also mention the functional purpose: these socks will protect the wooden floor or tiles if it is made of expensive stone or wood and this way you will avoid unpleasant scratches. They can be bought for about $20 a pair and they are available in more models and colors, most of them like the ones you can see in the pictures. You can find out more about the products designed by the German couple (Chris and Ruby) if you follow my link.