Personalised Cocktail Glasses

New Year’s Eve is just around the corner and all the people make the final preparations for this event, whether they spend it at home or out, whether they organize it or they just attend some party some place. Of course New Year’s Eve party implies having fun, but also serving cocktails and all kinds of beverages. If you prefer cocktails, then you should make sure you have some very interesting looking cocktail glasses. And if you plan to spend the evening with your boyfriend or husband, it is a good idea to have matching personalized cocktail glasses. It is not so hard to do this, as there are now many manufacturers who accept your ideas for personalizing these glasses and they even suggest it to their customers.

Lips cherry cocktail glassThe glasses look like any ordinary cocktail glasses, but have a great modern and cool design, loved by young people mostly: hot lips contour and cherries scattered around the glass. You have the option of personalizing the glass with a message at your choice. The only thing you should consider is to limit the message to 70 characters and to make sure it is a funny one. This personalized gift is perfect for this time of year and you can have this item now for View in gallery

14.50 pounds.