A House Inspired By The Persian Culture, Dedicated To The Sun

The House of the Sun is not the type of home you see everyday. That’s because the inspiration for its interior design wasn’t the location, the view or nature in general. It was something very specific and very unusual. The client showed a special interesting in the Persian culture and civilization and this became the leitmotif for the interior design of the space.

House of the Sun wall artView in gallery
The Persian influence can be observed in a variety of forms throughout the home
House of the Sun living room ceilingView in gallery
The designers used simple and unpretentious materials such as concrete, wood or rebar
House of the Sun brick wall and artworkView in gallery
The exposed brick wall is a perfect backdrop for the earthy-colored artwork displayed on it

This unique home is located in Kiev, Ukraine and was designed by Studio Persian Primavera in 2016. The studio was founded by Solmaz Fooladi and is appreciated for its projects that combine multiple styles in harmonious compositions. The client wanted this space to be dedicated to the Sun and this unusual request was regarded by the designers as an opportunity to innovate and to be creative.

House of the Sun staircase in living roomView in gallery
The piece of resistance of the interior design is the staircase found in the living room
House of the Sun pottted plantsView in gallery
The staircase is a metaphor for the desire to get close to the Sun
House of the Sun concrete stairs and plantersView in gallery
The inspiration for the staircase feature comes from old mehrabs and ziggurats

The focal point of the interior design is a staircase which was placed in the living room. The stair don’t connect two floors and don’t really lead up to any secret space. They’re actually a symbolic and philosophical element inspired from historic ziggurats. They’re a metaphor for the road to the sun and they’re actually oriented towards East/ sunrise.

House of the Sun concrete and brick wallsView in gallery
The Persian influence is also depicted in the form of accent patterns and decorative elements
House of the Sun light fixturesView in gallery
The lighting is carefully thought through and meant to create a special kind of atmosphere
House of the Sun geometric decorView in gallery
Decorative features such as this geometric structure give the space a modern edge

Another eye-catching feature is this custom-made lighting fixture. It has a rebar frame and it too was inspired by the sun, more exactly its geometric representation as a triangle framed by a dodecagon, a detail sometimes encountered in traditional Iranian architecture.

House of the Sun custom lightingView in gallery
The main lighting fixture was custom made and inspired by the geometric symbol of the sun
House of the Sun light fixture made of rebarView in gallery
The fixture is made of rebar and metal and has a very sculptural allure
House of the Sun rebar frameView in gallery
The metal accents add an industrial touch to the decor but are toned down by all the wood present in the home

Because the budget for this project was limited, the architects had to find a way to save money without compromising the aesthetic of the space. They chose to work with simple and affordable materials such as concrete, metal, bricks and reclaimed wood. The artistic side of the design was always at the top of the list.

House of the Sun kitchen counterView in gallery
Geometric forms and motifs can be found in all the spaces, including the open kitchen
House of the Sun kitchen backsplashView in gallery
The kitchen introduces a gray tone into the chromatic palette, with features such as exposed concrete and custom furniture
House of the Sun kitchen and livingView in gallery
Reclaimed wood was used for most of the furniture. It adds texture and warmth to the space

Both the client’s interest in Persian civilization and the artistic character desired for the space are reflected in the interior in a variety of forms. The space is warm and cozy and full of significant elements that have a deeper meaning than they let us believe at first sight. The home as a whole is a very relaxing and welcoming space.

House of the Sun metal shelvesView in gallery
The furnishings are kept simple and practical, the desire being to keep the space open
House of the Sun home officeView in gallery
Breezy curtains block the views and offer privacy while also bringing a bit of sophistication to the decor