6 Versatile Wall-Mounted Wine Rack Designs You Can Craft Yourself

Maybe a wine rack isn’t a must-have but it sure completes a home in a really classy way. Contrary to some people’s belief, you don’t need a wine cellar in order to have one or more wine racks in your home. In fact, a wall-mounted design such as the ones we prepared for you today can be installed just about anywhere.


This vertical one can easily fit in areas such as the nook between a door and a window or next to a bookcase or storage unit. This is a wine rack you can build yourself using a few wood boards. You need three larger ones with holes drilled in them and a bunch of small ones for the back portion which is then attached to the wall. This wine rack can hold up to 12 bottles. You can adapt its design and size according to your own needs and wine collection.

Small Wine Holder for Kitchen Countertop

If all you need is a tiny wine rack which you can keep in your kitchen, then have a look at the design offered on Itsprettynice. You can make this one from a wooden cutting board or basically any wood board and six leather straps. First you need to paint the board. Give it any color you want. Then start attaching the leather straps. Make sure they’re big enough to hold the bottles without you having to squeeze them through.

Wood and leather wine rack

An equally cute and chic wine rack is featured on Themerrythought. To make a similar one you need a piece of plywood, three dowels, wood glue, four pieces of leather and a drill. Cut the plywood into two pieces, one for the bottom and a slightly bigger one for the top. Mark the points where you want to place the dowels and then drill holes in those spots. Screw the two pieces of wood together and then glue the dowels in place. Add the leather straps as seen in the images.

Modern wine rack for countertop

Another very easy to make wine rack which you can keep on the kitchen counter requires the use a simple wood board, a few large framing nails, a drill and a hammer. After you’ve measured the diameter of a few wine bottles and decide where you want to place them on the rack, make marks on the board with a pencil. Drill the holes and then hammer in the large nails. That’s pretty much it. You can mount the rack on a wall if you want, at an angle. {found on blog.kj}

DIY wine Rack for wall

If you want, you can label your wine bottles. This detail is displayed by the wine rack we found on shanty-2-chic. All you need for this project is three long wood boards and five small ones for the shelves. Line up the three long boards and drill holes in them. Then paint or stain them. Repeat this for the smaller boards. Put the pieces together and then add the label holders.

Wood plank intro a wine holder

building a wine rack doesn’t really get any simpler than this. We’re talking about the project featured on Camillestyles. All you need for this one is a plank and a drill. Cut the plank to size, mark where the holes will be drilled, drill the holes and then sand the wood and either paint or stain it. Finding a good way to mount the rack on the wall is up to you. You can use L brackets for simple installation.