perCushion, a pillow with bluetooth

The bedroom is the room that the least influenced by technology. In some cases, even the TV is missing. The bedroom is a room designed to be relaxing, tranquil and calm and it’s why we keep away things like gadgets and anything else that could interfere with that. But there are exceptions, cases when technology can help us achieve that goal and improve the design we’ve already chosen. Something as simple as a pillow can be transformed in ways we would not have imagined not so long ago. A simple cushion can become perCushion.

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PerCuhion is a pillow that looks very simple, except perhaps for its shape. But it’s also a pillow that hides several secrets. It has integrated bluetooth and speakers. This means that you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite music while relaxing or falling asleep. This is one of the cases when the improvement is not interfering with our ability to relax and does not distract us from a calm and tranquil atmosphere. Listen to music while you lie in bed and take advantage of what modern technology can offer you.

The perCushion is a very interesting and unusual gadget that also features built-in microphones and rechargeable batteries. You’ll be able to enjoy 10 hours of listening to your favorite music or 250 hours of standby time. It’s definitely more than a regular pillow can offer. We have reached a time when comfort is not something to seek because it’s something we already have regardless of the case. Instead, we seek other elements that can improve the quality of our lives.