Penthouse With A Unique Design in Sweden

If you are looking for some unique interior design ideas as a source of inspiration, you should have a look at this house once. Reflecting the traditional Sweden theme, every aspect of the house has been designed uniquely and amazingly. As one enters the house, it is the ceilings of the house which attract attention immediately.

Penthouse sweden

Unlike the typical flat ceilings, the ceilings of this house are quite unique as they slope down in different areas. In addition, white beams have also been introduced unevenly throughout the house, and they hold the contemporary light fixtures. Flooring of the house is also worth an appreciation. Small wooden square tiles have been employed instead of typical elongated planks and sheets. Decoration throughout the house is minimal yet contemporary.

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The living area has been created by a combination of an elegant sofa set featuring simple straight lines, a striped area rug and a classic low lying coffee table. The style of the house has been extended to the bedroom also. Simple wooden wardrobes have been blended with a simple white bed frame for the enchanting look. Another attractive feature of the house is a casual sitting space arranged in the balcony.{found on Oscars Mäkleri}