Penthouse built on top of a bunker by Amort Architektour

This is probably one of the strangest locations for a family home you could ever find. We’ve seen many houses that were one churches or historical monuments like water towers, house built on boats or in trees, on the edge of a mountain or in the desert. However, it’s the first time I see a house that has been built on top of a bunker.

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The bunker that you see was supposed to be nine storeys high. However, after 5 floors were built, the construction stopped because the war was over and there was no need to continue the construction of a structure that was not going to be used anymore. The bunker has survived several air attacks and there’s some damage visible especially on the west side.

Penthouse auf dem hochbunker1

Now, after the war has become history, the bunker is just a tall vertical structure with no real use. At least that was the case until someone decided to use it as building site. The idea is very unusual but when you think about it it’s not that bad. Because the actual house is located on top of the bunker, it means that the structure would not suffer any damage.

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Everything can be preserved and the bunker remains a historical building, completely intact. Of course, the combination between the old and historical bunker and the new and modern house situated on top of it is very strange, but you have to admit that is was a daring and very inspiring idea. The owners can now say that they have a unique home that nobody can replicate.{found on architezer}