Pentagonal Coffee Table by Greg N. Frederickson

Most tables are only functional and they are made in a big number in the furniture factory. They all look the same and can be found in many homes. But if you want something different you can either design it yourself if you are good at it or you can look for unique items that have been designed by creative people and made in limited edition. Of course, they will cost more than the usual ones, but you will have some out of the ordinary pieces of furniture. This pentagonal coffee table is an amazing table that was designed by Greg N. Frederickson and was made at his home, but he wanted to share his ideas with us.

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The frame and the legs of the table are made of wood and the base is made of bronze. Of course it took a lot of work that involved wood sculpture, wax models and finally the bronze molding until the final design was ready to be used. Even if it looks amazing, you should know this is nothing like a flat surface, but all the rhombus shapes and all the edges are three dimensional, so that you can touch them and feel every shape and irregularity. That is why you can’t use this table properly unless you cover it with glass. The colored shapes were added later just to see what they look like and they are made of plastic, but still looking great. So this is what makes this coffee table so special.

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