Pebbles Cobblestone Natural Rug

Pebbles are not those little rocks that you can see in river beds or on mountain paths. Pebbles are round and nice things that can give you a great foot massage. Or at least I love walking on pebbles and I can almost feel the way the massage my feet and make me feel comfortable and relaxed again. But they also look very nice when put together. They are so round in shape and when you put them next to one another you simple enjoy the view. They differ in size and colour and are part of a  very natural design. This is the perfect design for a rug if you want it to be special and also beautiful.


This Pebbles Cobblestone Natural Rug is made of wool and is designed especially so as to look like pebbles put together. This rug is part of Serendipity collection and is made in India. It is hand tufted and has a contemporary design, very thick and comfortable, perfect to feel under your feet. The rugs are available in different sizes and different colour combinations, so prices may differ a bit, according to these variables. But you can purchase one for your living room for a price between $168-599 directly from Rugs USA.