Swoon Over These 14 Gorgeous Patterned Tile Designs

Raise your hand if you grew up in a home with plain tile. *raises hand* While plain monochrome tile can be okay, it’s so much more fun to sail into the land of tile patterns. There are tons of beautiful designs just waiting to liven up your bathroom floor or make your kitchen backsplash really pop. Check out these 14 gorgeous floor tile patterns that will convince you that you need more pattern in your own home.

star pattern

When we think of tile, one of the first places to come to mind is obviously the bathroom floor. It might surprise you how much of a difference you’ll make when you put a bold pattern down underfoot. Suddenly you eliminate the need for bathroom rugs because you’d rather see your toes against tile. (via Jenna Sue)

black and white

There is a time and a place for pristine white subway tile but that may not be in your kitchen. Have you ever considered replacing the white with some eye-catching pattern? Especially when you have colorful cabinets, backing your counters in something bold will make cooking dinner much more fun. (via Flora Soames)

bright floor

Designing a kids bathroom can be tricky. You want to give the space a kid friendly feel but not so much that it will need another makeover when they grow up. Brightly patterned tile to the rescue! By covering the floor in a bright color, you can easily revamp the room once your children are old enough to leave off the bath toys. (via Country Living)

herringbone pattern

Wanting some pattern on a budget? Find yourself some long monochrome tiles and arrange them in a herringbone pattern across the back of your countertops. You will love the effect and you won’t need to take a large chunk out of your decorating budget to do it. (via Home Adore)

mexican tile

If you’ve never looked at Mexican tiles, go find some right now. They boast the brightest most playful patterns you’ll ever see and every pattern promises to bring happiness to your space. Whether it’s the bathroom floor or the backsplash or the shower, you can’t go wrong with golden yellow and deep red tones. (via Apartment Therapy)


If you’re thinking that patterned backsplash won’t look nice against the open shelves in your kitchen, think again. Choosing a pattern with colors that compliment your cabinets and the theme you’ve got going on in your kitchen will only draw the eyes to your shelves and your dishes display. (via Country Living)

Calm and airy tiles for shower

Pattern doesn’t have to mean large tiles. You can certainly create a beautiful and unique pattern out of colored geometric tiles too. A shower covered in pastel tile will give your bathroom the feeling of luxury hotel. It will be like vacation every morning without leaving the house. (via Domaine)

marbled blue

If you really are a sucker for the subway tile design, back away from the white and try something a little more bold instead. This beautiful blue backsplash might be laid like subway tile, but the bright color makes a bigger bang for your buck. (via House Beautiful)

heart tile

When you have some money to spend on decorating, custom is key. Having an eye for detail like this hand-laid heart tile floor pattern will make your house feel more like your unique home. Not everyone has a heart on their bathroom floor, you know. (via A Beautiful Mess)

striped tile

Is this not the most uncommon and lovely backsplash you’ve ever seen? It’s like taking subway tile to a whole new level. You could easily collect complimenting patterned tile in reds or yellows or whatever you’ve got in your kitchen and create your own striped backsplash. (via Made a Mano)

marble pattern

If you’re looking for pattern but aren’t sold on the bright and bold part, consider a patterned backsplash in pale marble. The effect along the back of your counter is like lace. It adds interest for the eye while keeping the focus on the food. You won’t be able to stop Instagramming it. (via Urbis)

mismatched tile

Can’t decide on which tile you like best? Use them all! Cover your floor in all your favorite patterns and you’ll have a bathroom space worthy of being included in the Mad Hatter’s Wonderland. (via Whiting Architects)

complete patterned

Major home renovations require major home solutions. Like a fast and simple way to cover your kitchen in a surface that will make cleaning up your toddler’s splashed spaghetti sauce a breeze. Invest in your favorite patterned tile and take it from the wall all the way across the floor. Suddenly your kitchen will be your favorite space to hang out. (via Shubin + Donaldson)

fireplace tile

Don’t be under any illusions that the bathroom and the kitchen are the only places for patterned tile. You can use patterned tile anywhere your home has tile! A fireplace, an entryway, the laundry room. Liven it up with something bright and happy that is guaranteed to make you smile.