Top 10 Patriotic Projects for Kids

One of the biggest challenges of a good Fourth of July celebration is keeping the kids occupied. We just can’t have those little people using up all the poppers and sparklers before the fireworks even start. But when it comes to kids crafts for this firecracker holiday, they’re pretty easy to find. So when you’ve finished off your burgers and watermelon, gather up the kiddos at your party and guide them in one of these 10 patriotic projects.

paper sparklers

There’s nothing like waving around a crackling sparkler in the gathering dusk. But being July, it’ll be a while until it’s dark enough to light ’em up. Keep the little fingers busy by making these paper sparklers with paper, glitter and straws. They’ll have just as much fun running these around the yard. Plus, they’ll be appropriate for the little fingers who are too young to hold the real ones. (via Brit + Co)

tin can windchimes

When it comes to a banging Fourth celebration, there must be sparkles. With a tin can, some paint and sparkly ribbon, you can let the kids create these patriotic windsocks to decorate your front porch, their front porch and their grandparent’s front porch. I guarantee they’ll love to see their hard work blowing in the summer breeze. (via The Real Thing with the Coake Family)

clothspin wreath

Kids are always thrilled when a project of theirs gets used in your home decorating. Let them unleash the red, white and blue paint on some clothes pins and watch their glee as you create a patriotic wreath to welcome guests at the front door. You can even let them put on the star stickers. (via Preciously Paired)

confetti launchers

You better start punching because once the kids have made these confetti poppers, they won’t want to stop popping. Even if they need a little help, you can have the older kids punch their own red, white and blue confetti while the younger ones put these poppers together. Then it’s confetti fun for all! (via Pi’ikea Street)


Are you entertaining families that have some active toddlers? Give moms a few minutes to sit with this simple craft. Just give kids some black paper and chalk in a bowl of water and they’ll be thrilled to make their own fireworks for the Fourth. (via Crafty Morning)

streamer wand

Are you having family and friends over for your small town’s parade? Get the kids set to cheer by helping them make these ribbon wands. You can prep the handles beforehand and then they can cut and tie the ribbons themselves. I’ll bet they’ll make good use of these from parade to fireworks. (via Alice and Lois)

paint stick flags

Get the garden in on the patriotic fun. Go to your local hardware store and pick up some paint sticks for this simple craft. Kids can do the painting and when things are dry, you can help staple. Then just send them into the yard to find the best place for their paint stick flags. (via Proper)

patriotic necklaces

Jewelry making is always an affordable craft for any holiday. For the Fourth, buy up all the red and white striped straws you can find and pair them with blue beads for a completely patriotic statement necklace. Kiddos will have a great time making one for themselves and every other member of the family. (via Buggy and Buddy)

tri jar luminaries

Get your yard set for fireworks with these simple luminaries. Each child can have a jar, glue and pre-cut squares of red, white and blue tissue paper. Just set them gluing and then line your walkways and deck with beautiful glowing patriotic luminaries. (via For The Love Of)

stamped shirt

Making a patriotic t-shirt is an essential part of childhood. Have parents send kids with a white t-shirt in their size and then you can supply them with freezer paper, pencil erasers and red and blue paint. Let the stamping begin! They’ll turn out so cute, the parents won’t mind letting their kids wear them long after the Fourth is over. (via Cutesy Crafts)