The Applesauna Promotes Relaxation In Nature Through Green Design

Our collection of cool saunas is about to grow bigger because we just came across this wonderful design in the Passiria Valley of Norther Italy. It’a called Applesauna and was designed by noa*. Although it’s only 86 square meters across, the sauna is impressive in other ways.

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Noa* is a team of young architects and designers set on using multidisciplinary methods to ensure a continuous progress. They always perceive the whole as being greater than the individual parts and features that form and so they get a better understanding on the project, its nature and the concept on which it’s based.

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The project was completed in 2016. The sauna and the wellness area are part of a farm complex. The inspiration for their design comes from nature and the surroundings as well as the site itself. The sauna becomes one with the landscape, being sheltered under a green cover.

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The structure is embedded into an artificial hill and is covered with grass. This design strategy allows it to blend in seamlessly and to actually offer the impression of being engulfed by nature. The spa area is composed of a sauna, several changing rooms, a shower area and a lounge space.

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While the outer structure is covered by a green hill, the interior is simple and luxurious and uses wood to offer a sensation of warmth and comfort while also maintaining the close relationship with nature and its organic beauty.

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The beauty of the garden and the entire green landscape that surrounds the sauna have been translated into a design that gives a new look to eco-friendliness and blends together minimalism and comfort in a rather unusual and very inspiring way.

Applesauna pendant lampshade

Decorated with natural materials, simple and organic shapes and colors inspired by natures and the surroundings, the Applesauna and wellness area impress with not only the architecture and design principles but also the wonderful atmosphere inside. The whole ensemble promotes relaxation by connecting the guests to their surroundings and nature in general and putting them in touch with the intrinsic beauty and the pureness of everything that’s nature-related.

Applesauna sofas and curtains