Pascha – Transparent Armchair from Pedrali

Modern times bring modern people and they have new and innovative ideas and tastes. All of this goes to an improvement and development of technology, art and … design. That is why you can admire now unusual, but stylish collections of art, furniture, clothes and so on. For example chairs now can be made of different materials, other than wood and still remain really cool and comfortable. The best example is the Pascha armchair from the Italian producer Pedrali. It is very different from what i had in mind when referring to an armchair.

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For  starters this armchair is transparent. That happens because it is made of polycarbonate, with a glossy finish. Of course it is also available in fume or black and the effect of the transparency still remains really cool. It is perfect to be used in restaurants, cafes and even in  open air terraces, bringing an unique air of modern and comfortable, yet somehow belonging to the luxury of the ancient times. The designers Claudio Dondoli e Marco Pocci wanted to combine the elegance of the shape and the modern material, but you can add a plus of comfort by using an upholstered cushion covered by cool fabrics.

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