PAS House, a skateboarder’s dream

Everyone has a passion. For some it’s music, for others is painting and for some is skateboarding. If you belong in the third category prepare to be amazed, because we’re going to show a house where everything is skateable. PAS House is a 753.5 sq foot prototype for a house that Francois Perrin of Air Architecture is currently designing in Malibu. The new house will belong to former pro skateboarder Pierre-André Senizergues (PAS).

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We can’t say anything for now about the Malibu house, but we can analyze the prototype. This one is fully equipped with sofa, bed, furniture and even kitchen appliances from the Skate Study House collection. The complete residence will measure 2.200 square feet and it will be located on a site overlooking the Pacific, at the top of Malibu.

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The house is divided into three areas. The first one includes the living room, dining area and kitchen, the second one includes a bedroom while the third one is a skateboard practice area. Everything inside the house is skateable as the ground curves becoming the wall and then the ceiling.

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The furniture is skateable as well. The whole house is very dynamic and perfectly reflects the 21st century lifestyle and hopefully it’s an image of the future. We’ve seen specials rooms destined to those really passionate about something, like a painting studio for example. However, a whole house destined to something like skateboarding is something a little more unusual.