Parisian Micro-Apartment Optimized Through A Wooden Sculpture

Taking inspiration from the numerous micro houses and their innovative and unique designs but also from ships, Mattia Paco Rizzi and Jessica Bergstein-Collay, the founders of Fabricabois, renovated and completely transformed a small studio apartment in Paris. Their company specializes in small-scale buildings with unusual designs and custom layouts and this projects fits perfectly into that description.

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The dimensions and shape of the space allowed them to optimize the volume using an unconventional technique. The Parisian atelier came up with the interesting idea to create a wooden sculpture that covers the interior walls and creates detached extensions for the living and working spaces.

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The interior design of the apartment is centered on the user. The relaxation area is placed above while the living and working spaces are below. This way the different volumes and functions are separate but part of the same space.

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The wooden sculpture articulates, unifies ad organizes the different spaces and, at the same time, it highlights the organic side of the structure and reveals different aspects depending on the viewing angle.

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Most of the furniture and other elements included in the design are made of wood as well so the overall décor is cohesive and continuous. The working area, for example, features a small desk and a series of shelves and small cubbies. There’s also a bar here.

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The wooden platform on which the sleeping area sits and which separates the mezzanine level from the space below is not simply functional but also visually alluring, featuring a geometric and intricate pattern which gives the apartment its unique character.

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