Paris Apartment Redesigned To Invite The Rainbows In

This 72 square meter apartment is located in Montmartre, Paris, in France and was recently redesigned by SABO project, a design office that shows interest in a variety of fields, including architecture, furniture design, set design, installations and environmental strategies. The office focuses on finding new and unexpected ways of customizing contemporary designs and on making ordinary things seem different and extraordinary.

Redesigned Paris apartment social areaView in gallery

Redesigned Paris apartment social area yellow accentsView in gallery

The same design office also refurbished a modern Brooklyn loft which we covered in a previous article. This time, however, their strategy was a bit different. This apartment belongs to a young fashion designer who wanted to team to rethink the whole space and to maximize it.

Redesigned Paris apartment new parition wallView in gallery

In order to achieve the desired structure and look, several partitions had to be removed. This opened up the space, connecting them and allowing them to communicate with each other. The team didn;t compromise on privacy. A multi-functional wall partition was added.

Redesigned Paris apartment living room corner shelvesView in gallery

This structure functions as a staircase, work area, closet and storage space as well as a source of both natural and artificial light. Skylights and openings allow natural light to enter the central hallway and to be distributed throughout the apartment.

Redesigned Paris apartment alternate tread stairsView in gallery

The alternate treat stairs were chosen for their symbolism and distinguished design. They celebrate the surrounding hills as well as Montmartre’s climbing culture. They’re white and minimalist, matching the rest of the décor.

Redesigned Paris apartment kitchen counterView in gallery

Redesigned Paris apartment kitchen floorView in gallery

The wooden flooring and the exposed ceiling beams break the monotony, contrasting with the crisp white décor and adding warmth to the space. A series of strong accent colors also have the same role.

Redesigned Paris apartment kitchen rainbow floorView in gallery


The kitchen is a fresh and cheerful space. It features a steel countertop and white furniture. The floor with covered with natural rubber straps in 14 different colors. They form a vibrant pattern similar to a rainbow, giving the kitchen the dose of color and dynamism it needs.

Redesigned Paris apartment kitchen herb gardenView in gallery

Redesigned Paris apartment kitchen vertical gardenView in gallery

The vertical garden in the kitchen offers fresh aromatic herbs and, at the same time, complements the array of colors, contributing to an overall harmonious and balanced décor.

Redesigned Paris apartment bedroom decorView in gallery

Redesigned Paris apartment bedroom furnitureView in gallery

The bedroom is a cozy and welcoming space with a simple and casual interior design. A skylight brings natural light in. the walls are white and so is the furniture. There’s a lovely balance of materials and colors here. Wood features are spread throughout the room in various forms, giving it a pleasant look.

Redesigned Paris apartment bedroom harmonyView in gallery