Parasite office in Moscow by za bor architects

In case you were wondering how come the companies seem to always find the space for their offices, you should know that this is not always easy. Sometimes architects have to use some unconventional techniques in order to make this come true.

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It’s the case of a new office building in Moscow that was designed by za bor architects. The building is still a concept and it’s going to be finalized in a few years. The most interesting thing about this office building is that it’s going to be built between two buildings without touching the ground. It’s definitely a new concept and I’m still not sure how safe this will be but it’s going to be interesting to see the final result. This new idea allows the usage of free spaced between buildings for creation of new structures like offices. Since the new structure will be floating, it’s doesn’t block the court yard access or the street. It’s a parasite building, as the name very well describes it.

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This particular office building will be a three-floor structure with an accessible roof area, divided with modular floor panels. It’s a very daring project and it could be a revolutionary idea if it actually works. This could solve a lot of problems. Of course it’s going to be a little scary at first to be in a building that is simply attached to the surrounding structures but if the project is as safe as it claims to be this feeling will disappear.{found on archdaily}