Paradise in the city at Trussardi Café

In today’s polluted cities a breath of fresh air seems sometimes a luxury for which we must leave the city to more natural zones. The Trussardi Fashion House thought it would be a good idea to bring into the city the freshness of wild nature. Tanks to them you can enjoy in the city, while drinking your coffee on a terrace, a little piece of nature brought by the designers of the Unexpected Garden.

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This project is an extension of the Trussardi Café by Carlo Ratti Associati, situated on the ground floor of the headquarters of the fashion house in Piazza della Scala, Milan. The terrace looks like a glass case with a real hanging garden suspended from the roof. The technology that offered the possibility to make real this dream project is named the ‘green wall’ and was created by the French botanist Patrick Blanc.

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This garden, gathering more than 120 different plant species, may make you think about one of the sevenths wonders of the world, the hanging gardens of Semiramides. This concept, besides its wonderful, design is also eco friendly, improving the air quality and providing shade for the customers. They say that for each car eliminated in the newly pedestrian-friendly square, there are an additional 5 square meters of greenery.

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Trussardi Café’s customers live a total experience not only due to the amazing green space but also thanks to the ‘interior’ design itself. The terrace has leather-covered Panton chairs and Michelin-starred food by chef Andrea Berton.