Papilio Lounge Chair by Naoto Fukasawa

The perfect lounge chair to make your lounge room look more attractive and pretty is here. The color of the Papilio lounge chair is exclusive chosen to brighten up your room. It is comfortable and attractive. The long back provides you a stiff support and encompasses your body completely so that every time you get from after a rest, you will completely energize. You can also opt for the comfortable and impressive stools along with the Lounge chair.

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This colourful lounge chair is designed by the Japanese Naoto Fukasawa and is manufactured by B&B Italia. The disciplined mind of the Japanese designer paid a lot of attention to details that are not perceived by the untrained eye. For example the conical shape of the chair’s base eases its angle and widens as we go up and makes room for the upper part of the human body to relax. The curve and the inclining angle is carefully chosen so as to offer a natural position that will enable the body to relax instead of being tense.

The head is supported by the large headrest and this way the neck muscles can relax, too, not having to support the weight of the head. Even the colour is carefully chosen, to be vivid and offer a vigurous image instead of being dull and make you fall asleep instead of relaxing for a moment. The delicate curves of the arm rests are natural and give an interesting shape to the chair. Now you can choose if you want your chair covered in fabric or leather and you can also change its cover thanks to the zipper behind it.