Papa Bear Ottoman

I found some old story books the other day and I was amazed to see some of the stories that made my childhood so nice and beautiful and I could also admire the pictures that stimulated my imagination go wild when reading those stories. Well, in one of these pictures I could see an ottoman and I remember I was sort of puzzled when i first saw this kind of unusual chair. It looked exactly like this Papa Bear Ottoman and it looked comfortable, but still unusual. Now I can tell this chair is an ottoman, but I still find it unusual.

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I am talking about its shape, about the fact that it has a curved seating instead of a straight one. Its designer (Hans J. Wegner) went a bit further and added two handles on the sides in order to make it easy to transport. However, the seating is really comfortable thanks to the cushion that is included and the four thin and elegant legs make it look nice in any corner of the room. This particular ottoman has a hardwood frame and solid North American walnut legs, plus a colourful upholstery, available in lot of different colours. The Papa Bear Ottoman has been produced by Modernica since 1994 and can be purchased now for $650.