Wall-Mounted Aquariums – A Different Type Of Focal Point

The focal point of the living room is usually the TV but that doesn’t make it your only option. If, for example, you want the living room to be a relaxing space and not one focused on technology, a wall-mounted aquarium can successfully replace the TV. Actually, you can have both if you want. There are, of course, a few things to consider before you purchase an aquarium and most of them are maintenance-related.


Wall-mounted aquariums are exquisite accessories and because they don’t occupy any floor space they are also space-efficient. In addition, they make wonderful centerpieces for the living room, bedroom or home office, becoming a great subject for conversation. But perhaps the most wonderful thing about aquariums in general is that they’re incredibly relaxing, allowing you to spend hours contemplating their beauty.

different dimensions aquarium interior achievement

Obviously, there are many different dimensions to choose from for a wall-mounted aquariums. The larger ones are spectacular. Imagine all the great ways in which you can decorate them and all the lovely colors you can use. If you decide to make it the focal point of the living room, organize the seating units in front of it.

Dining room aquarium with a big impact

Large aquarium for dining room
A beautiful wall-mounted aquarium is also a specular feature for the dining room. In fact, this would be an ideal place for it. What could be more beautiful than having dinner and admiring the wonderful aquatic landscape you’ve created? Don’t overlook the accent lighting.{found on aquariumarchitecture}.

open space dining room with a built in aquarium
The aquarium doesn’t necessarily need to be huge or to be positioned somewhere central in order to stand out. It’s enough to see it in the background as you sit down to have dinner. This way it won’t become an overwhelming feature or what that you get tired of quickly.

Walnut furniture around furniture

Another nice place for a wall-mounted aquarium or one of any kind as a matter of fact would be the home office. You want this space to be relaxing and the aquarium can definitely help with that. Also, some say it can help you concentrate better. Still, pick one with an appropriate size for the space so it doesn’t overwhelming the room and steal all your attention.

Living room aquarium design

Just because you have an entire free wall in your living room doesn’t mean you should get a huge aquarium to put in it. The proportions need to be chosen in accordance with the rest of the elements present in the room. As a result, a small aquarium can be exactly what the space needs to look and feel complete.

Luxury living room interior design

Aquariums of any type are wonderful for spaces such as the family room, a lounge area or a reading nook. They invite us to contemplate and relax, creating a tranquil ambiance. At the same time, they look exquisite and are a wonderful way of exploring our creativity.

Modern living room with aquarium

If you decide to add a large built-in aquarium to the living room, you can be sure it will stand out. Still, this doesn’t mean you should overlook important details such as the lighting, the colors and the landscape.

Wood paneling wall for living room and aquarium

Even though an aquarium can successfully and beautifully replace the TV in the living room, it’s possible to have them both. They would serve as individual elements. Actually an aquarium allows you to shift the focus from the TV to a different part of the décor.