How To Make Pallet Wall Art To Personalize Your Home With

If, for any reason, you’re trying to find a good way to recycle a wooden pallet, consider turning it into wall art or into a decoration which you can either display inside your home or outside, in the garden or on the deck. We’re offering you a few design ideas which might inspire you. Each one uses the pallet in a different way.





Let’s start with this silhouette design. To make something similar using a pallet, take out a few boards and nail them to two slats to make a simple structure which you can then put up on a wall. Then use a family picture and turn it into a silhouette. Cut out the shape and make a stencil. Paint it onto the boards.{found on infarrantlycreative}.

Easter pallet arrt

If you don’t want to paint a family silhouette but you like the design idea, check out the cute bunny pallet art featured on designdininganddiapers. This could be a suitable design for Easter, although it would look cute and beautiful the rest of the year as well.

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Using the technique previously described you can come up with all sorts of cute and beautiful designs. You can make any type of stencil. It can be a message you want to send or an image. It would be easy to use a pallet for this but you can also use any scrap pieces you can find. Then, after the panel is ready, paint your stencil on it. {found on lollyjane).

Stain image onto pallet
A similar idea can be to stain an image onto a pallet. The technique is described on domesticated-engineer. To make something similar you’ll need some pallet wood, two solid wood pieces, wood stain, screws, adhesive vinyl and transfer paper. Take the pallet apart and sand down the boards. Line them up and make a panel you can work with. Print out the image on adhesive vinyl and stick the design to the boards. Then stain the wood and peel off the vinyl.

Wedding date on pallet
If you prefer something more casual and easier to do without the need for a stencil, check out sweetrosestudio. To make something similar you’ll need some wood boards (from a pallet), nails, a hammer, gray, black, red and white acrylic paint and paint brushes. Assemble your panel and start painting. You can freehand your design if it’s not too complicated.

Weathered wood sign
On whipperberry you can find out exactly how to take apart and reassemble a pallet so you get the right work surface. Basically you just remove the boards and then you put them back closer together, adjusting the size of the pallet if desired. Then you can easily stencil your design on the newly assembled pallet.

Pallet antler wall art
Of course, painting isn’t the only technique you can use if you want to make wall art using a pallet. A different alternative is offered on meganbrookehandmadeblog. Lay out your pallet boards and cut them down to size. You can then sand and stain them. Take a few thicker boards and nail them to the back of the stained ones to secure them all together. Then take a vintage mirror frame and mount it into your panel. You can also add another decoration at the center.