Palette coaster for all kind drinks

The palette coaster made for your drinking pleasures are designed by the Labyrinth Spanish studio. The coaster palette is the miniature of an actual big size palette. The size comes down to one tenth to its actual size. You will feel like a giant, using the mini palettes as a coaster, and that will give you confidence in your day to day life.

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The palette coasters are the exact form as the industrial palette. The designer made this for using at a party, where you could put some smiles in some of your friends faces. The palette coasters come straight to your home, for the exact price of  21$. The coasters are good to keep stains off your furniture. Its very good for your home tables when you drink a hot coffee or tea, for the same reason (it will keep the table clean and new).

Palette it costers1

The palette coasters can be used in a bar for serving your drinks to the clients. You can also use many of the palette coasters, one near the other, so you can create a platform, where you can deposit actual bottles of spirits or more glasses for your bar. The color of the palette coasters, comes very well in your kitchen. You can deposit on your kitchen bar because the palettes wooden color is a great way to decorate your kitchen or why not all of your rooms.