Pairing Up Pretty Polka-Dot & Sassy Stripes

There’s something really fun and lively about pairing different patterns and designs. Even if it doesn’t necessarily go together or follow the typical rules of styling, eclectic tastes are still super design-worthy and fashion-forward. Today, we’re pairing up two of my personal favorites, polka-dots and stripes. They each have a distinct personality but share two key ingredients: youth and life. Decorating with these two make for a fun unique space, let’s see how.

1. Subtle.

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You can still be subtle with such vivacious pairings and designs. On the walls or even on the bedding, you can create a fun little home for your baby to enjoy. The patterns will add texture and interest to the walls making it a bit more of a unique nursery but it won’t be too over-the-top for such little eyes.

2. Homey.

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Surprisingly, you can pair these two patterns together and still create a serene, cozy atmosphere. Just sprinkle some dots on the curtains and some stripes on the area rug (or visa versa) to test out this pairing and see if you like it. If you use the designs but keep it in neutral shades it’ll still be a homey feeling.

3. Playful.

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Put these patterns in fun spots near each other. Cover your stairs in a stripey pattern and then let your guests walk onto a funky polka dot welcome rug. Choose vibrant colors and you’ll have a playful, fun-loving look in no time. My favorite color picks for this genre of styling? It has to be mango and lime!

4. Funky.

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Bring out your creative side a bit and use your vision. You don’t have to get perfect polka dots or perfect stripes but a version of them instead. A little variation of straight stripes and polka dot flowers or dandelions could be exactly what you need to create the bedroom of your dreams. A little eclectic, a little funky and a bunch of worldly flair.

5. Artistic.

Contemporary living room sofaView in gallery

Find unique and artistic ways to compliment your room with the use of this pair. Your accent wall could be an actual split between stripes and polka dots or you can cover your sofa with a plethora of different patterned throw pillows. I’m also a fan of finding (or creating) your own piece of patterned furniture. How amazing and stylish would a striped sofa look covered in a polka dot blanket? It would be fun and fearless.

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