Painting Ideas To Give Your Rooms An Instant Makeover

Instead of the usual stripes how about you try something different like ombre scallop design? Here’s what you’ll need: something big to trace the circles with (you can use a plate), a pencil, a big piece of paper to trace a half circle onto, scissors, a paint brush, a detail brush, white paint, colored paint and 4 containers.

Ombre scallop wallView in gallery

Start by tracing a half circle onto a piece of paper. Cut out the template and find the center. Use this as the guide line when tracing the patter onto the wall.

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Then trace the top row of scallops onto the wall and make sure the flat end of the template if flush against the ceiling. If you want the pattern to be symmetrical then you’ll first have to measure the wall and decide how the row has to start and end.

Ombre scallop wall drawView in gallery

Use the center guide line from the top row to trace the second row of scallops. They should be overlapping. When you get to the corner, bend the template into the crease.

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Ombre scallop firstView in gallery

When you’re done tracing, it’s time to start painting. Mix the shades in the four containers. One should have colored paint with nothing added. The others include the colored paint and some white paint. Gradually add some white paint to make four gradient shades.

Ombre scallop first1View in gallery

Ombre scallop first2View in gallery

Start with the darker shade for the first row. Then use the slightly lighter shade for the second one and so on. You’ll probably need two coats of paint for each row to get the right color.{found on site}.

Extra: use washi tape instead of paint.

Washi tape the wallsView in gallery

If you’d rather not use paint and prefer something less permanent, you can use washi tape to give your walls a makeover. Get tape in different colors and patterns and make stripes. Mix and match them however you want. You can also use tape to make other designs, not just simple stripes.{found on annkxelle}.